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It's a game in a movie in real life!

Bring on The ROLFCOPTER, cause this was funny! first you say it's boring then you say you are like God then you bust out some fun moves on the sims and then wow! just funny.

Big fan of Half-Life and get's this!

yeah the transit system was very long but it was fun to look around, it took 15 minutes to get out! long time of cinematic cutscene
great job!

I Hate Saurkraut!

This was so funny! another Weird Al Song transformed into a great flash movie! Kudos to you! best thing you made yet!

Funniest were:

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Where's the hat? lol

I love this game! needs a sequel, need more answers like the mysterious little girl and etc.!

Graphics - 10 Smooth, clean, flashy flash style, what more to say? best graphics I have ever seen for a game!

Sound 9 - Music is eerie, chilling and great, didn't get the 10 because the voices are just laughs, grunts, etc. Still pretty good!

Gameplay 10 - The Adventure genre never gets old, ECI is a great mini-game, clues and puzzles are great, really fun to play!

OVERALL - 10 - Best detective game I have ever played! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS!

The Last Stand Indeed! Very Epic

This was a truly great game, even at your first, this beats almost other elites of flash works!

Graphics - 10 Why? 3500+ Zombie Textures, different textures for survivors too, the guns look realistic and the barricade is the icing of the cake, it felt I was touching the barricade!

Style - 8 Why? too many zombie games yet this toped them all! this
Truly is a great masterpiece

Sound - 8 Their weren't any music on the game yet the guns sounds
really reaslictically, the pressure it gives, but yeah some few music can help like the music on the menu

Violence - 9 Head of Zombies poping out, legs being removed, and on fire also, bloddy indeed with countless corpse of poor souls that lost their humanity! ultra violent!

Interactivity - 9 Manage to fix the barricade, find weapons, find survivors and trying to not lose them and kick some zombie butt, that what I call interactive

Humour - 7 Technacally it wasn't meant to be funny yet a zombie clown rushing to you is kind of funny

Overall 10 - This was a perfect well almost perfect zombie game, yet just some minor glitches and flaws but still lives up to give it a 10 so voted 5 and voila! great job! I expect the future will be bright for you!


This was great, the graphics are also good but needs more interactivity, it felt it's missing something but otherwise great! make another one this one is very fun and also the anime style drawing.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter we will miss you!. Welcome to Black Mesa Profile Center in here you come to meet me, to kick some Combine & Xen Butt! Peace and love~

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